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Everything you need to decide which Roku is best for you

Roku 3
Roku Streaming Stick

TV compatibility

HDTVs Only

HDTVs Only

Over 1,800+ streaming channels. 200,000+ movies and TV episodes

Built-in wireless

Search across top channels to find what you want

Ethernet, USB, and Micro SD card

Remote with headphone jack for private listening

Motion control for games (Angry Birds Space included)

*Roku 3 works with HDTVs with HDMI port. HDMI cable not included.

Roku 3


50% off reg. $99.99

Roku Streaming Stick


reg. $49.99

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How it works

Enjoy the best shows from around the world in four fast and easy steps!


How to: setup the Roku 2

How to: setup the Roku 3

Why DishWorld?

Top reasons why DishWorld is the #1 International TV Service

Get the Best Value, Savings, and Features

More than 180 channels and 15 languages

Along with Willow Cricket and thousands of new releases and classics from Blockbuster on Demand

Highest quality. Most exclusive content.

DishWorld is the exclusive International TV and Movie service for the award-winning Roku streaming video player

We make it easy. No contracts. No commitments.

No Social Security number, credit check, or credit card required, either!

We make it fast. No satellite dish. No cable box.

No installation. Just connect to the internet and watch instantly!

Special Introductory Price

All TV Packages are just $14.95/month for the first three months!

Exclusive Roku Offer with bigger savings

Sign up, save, and get a free Roku Streaming Stick or 50% off the newest, fully loaded Roku 3

Only on DishWorld - Free Entertainment Extras

Fourteen channels of English International TV, seven channels of Sports TV, hundreds of free Bollywood movies, plus access to thousands of foreign films, new releases and classics. Up to an extra $35 value!

Watch inside and outside your home

On all your favorite devices: TV, tablet, phone and computer

8-Day Replay auto-records every channel

Never miss a moment of your favorite shows. No DVR needed

More than 1,000 BIGFlix and South Asian movies

Free with South Asian packages